Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feeling the Love

This past Saturday Chris and I had the pleasure of witnessing two of our wonderful friends take their vows.

It's emotional to even talk about, because it's such a blessing for these two.

A few years ago, Javad was a victim of a terrible attack which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He was told that he would never walk agian...but he's a fighter.
Shortly after his release from the hospital, he met Jocelyn...and they fell in love.
He has worked so hard throught he years, with Jot right by his side... and he's able to walk now, with the aid of a walker.

They are two of the most loving, caring people that I've had the honor of knowing. Their love for each other is inspirational.

Such a miracle
 amazing, custom topper
Chris and I with the new Mr & Mrs Bonyani

So, I leave you with knowing that love has no boundaries, and it can conquer the hardest of difficulties.


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amy/bride chic said...

What a beautiful and touching story . . . thank you so much for sharing.

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