Monday, January 23, 2012

So PINTERESTing Sunday


Ok, I'm finally posting!

I've been obsessed with PINTEREST lately...and I've made a coup;e things that I found there.

First, I made these yummy mini danish:
They came out so good!

Second, I made Nutella hot cocoa...YES...I said NUTELLA hot cocoa!
This was also very yummy.

and Third, I did this little project also

Other than that, I've been pretty sick lately..Chris and I have been snuggled up just hoping to feel better.

and of course since I have a sore throat I HAVE to have some ice cream

well that's all for now...I hope you all have a nice night.

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Not My Fault....

.....well maybe it is a little...

I've been a bad blogger again! My apologies.

It's just that after work, and errands, and damn pinterest (lol) It's time for bed!

I'm going to really try to be a better blogger.

I hope you all have a great night!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Recap

Hello All!

Can you believe that it's already 2012? I can't! It came so quickly it seems. I am so very excited for the wonders that this year will bring!

2011 was a pretty great year...lots of highs mixed with fewer many great things happened over the past year.

Here's my 2011 Recap, hope you enjoy!

January ~
Happy New Year 2011!  Nothing particularly special happened this month.

February ~
~ This is the month that Chris decided we should really get married...although he popped the question 12/14/06, we had agreed to stay engaged indefinitely. Needless to say, he changed his mind {which made me over joyed}I simply cannot wait to marry my best friend!

~ 2/19/11- My dear friend Cecilia married her middle school highschool sweet heart in a private ceremony at her families home. I'm so happy for them! Although no friends were present at the event, I have a beautiful picture of the lovely couple:

~ 2/26/11- My friend Michele and I went to see Mary Popping the play at The Boston Opera House. I had given her the tickets as an early birthday was so much fun!

~3/3/11- My sister Jill's bridal shower! Unfortunately she hates having pictures taken so I don't have any from the day :(

~3/12/11- I had my karate test for green was a very tough test...but I stuck it out!

~4/3/11- My sister Jill got married! It was a beautiful day full of love:

~5/29/11- We went for our cake tasting at Gerardo's Italian Bakery and it was A-flippin-mazing! We chose the 3 flavors that we wanted and we are so excited for our friends and family to enjoy the yumminess!

~6/18/11- Jot's wedding shower:

~6/25/11- My 27th Birthday and Wedding Dress Trip to David's Bridal where I found the perfect dress:

~7/5/11- Chris' 29th birthday {someone's getting old} lol

~7/28/11- Our 10 year anniversary!

~8/3/11- We met and booked our wedding photographer thanks to M&K:

~8/13/11- Our dear friends Javad and Jot got married, what a blessed couple. You can read more about them here in my "Feeling The Love" post.

~8/20/11- Michael & Kara's Shower! So fun!

~8/21/11- My friend Tara's wedding shower:

~8/27/11- I picked up my wedding gown from David's Bridal!

~9/4/11- My friends sister had her lovely daughter, Ava Grace:

~9/16/11-9/18/11- Kara's Bachelorette Party Weekend! I wasn't able to be there the whole weekend, but it was a blast:

~9/21/11- My flower girl, Madison, turned 8:

~9/25/11- Kara {karalouisephotography} took our engagement pictures at Zorvino Winery...they are simply amazing...more than I ever could have asked for:

~10/1/11- Stacy/Keegan Wedding:

~10/8/11- Michael & Kara's Wedding! So amazing xoxo

~11/24/11- Thanksgiving Day!

~12/7/11- Boston Pops with Michele:

~12/14/11- The 5 year anniversary of our engagement....AND the birth of Shayla May {my great friend Cecilia's daughter} such a cutie pie:

~12/23/11- Second Annual Ugly Sweater Gathering:

~12/24/11-12/25/11- Christmas Eve & Christmas:
There was a lot going on, so see:

I hope 2012 is starting out wonderful for all of you, it has for me!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding Update

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick wedding update:

I picked up my wedding shoes and I L.O.V.E. them! They are super comfy and stable so that's such a relief....I broke my foot about a year ago and it really bothers me when I wear some I'm happy I found the perfect shoe for me.
I know I posted a picture of them but that was off of the payless's a pic:

It's January already! This means that it's time for me to send out my 'save-the-date' cards. I sent some out around Christmas {I just included them in some pakages that I shipped} I'm very excited to start sending out the rest of them! EEK!

Yesterday Chris and I had the day off together {<3} and we went to breakfast at this great diner close to us:
Seriously yummy pancakes!
After brunch we hit the mall to make payments on our wedding bands and to get my engagement ring inspected. While we were there Chris decided to suprise me by paying off the balance on my band! I'm thrilled that we now own our wedding bands!
my band, his band, my set together
Don't you just love them? I know....I'm biased lol I'm just super happy ;)

As I already stated in my Christmas Wrap Up~Part 4...My mother was generous enough to buy us our cake knife and server set as well as our champagne flutes. They are simply beautiful:

I just think that they are simple, classic, and them...and it means so much to me that she was the one who gave them to us. I love you mom!

Well that's about all for now!

Hope you are all well ~ check back soon for my 2011 Re-cap!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up ~ Part 4

Well, I've finally finished the final CWU post!

Christmas Wrap Up ~ Part 4: The Goods
I know that the following video isn't about a gift...but my Daisy is just too cute lol

Ok, onto the goods!
Every Christmas Eve we exchange's a tradition that my mother started with all of us kids since I can remember. What's really fun about it is that we ALL still do it with our individual families now, and if I ever have children it's a tradition that I will continue.
Chris was VERY excited about the gift that he got me for x-mas eve...this made me think that he got me something cute for Victoria's Secret or something....BOY WAS I WRONG. lol
Always the kidder my hubby-to-be thought it'd be a great idea to get me Pajama Jeans, yup you read right...Here is my reaction:
 hahahaha, he kills me!
Every year after opening gifts I make a big breakfast
So yummy!
ok ok, onto the gifts.....for real this time.....
Here's what I got Chris:
SodaStream, Rocksmith, Skyrim, Starwars BluRay Collection, a new knife, knife sharpener, ITunes gift card, Oakley's, a Northface Jacket, NF hat, NF neck gate, and Adidas shoes and various other do-dads
Close up of his new knife
wearing all his gear lol
What I got:
all from Chris
Chris always does an amazing job on Christmas~ I never give him any ideas for gifts, and he never strikes out...the best part is that he puts so much thought into the things that he gets me.
He got me my IPhone 4s {!!!} and an amazing blue tooth {a jaw bone} so that I don't have to use the speaker phone all the time. He got me two new pandora charms in the wedding colors {<3}, a beautiful phone case, 2 new dance games for the kinect, an ITunes giftcard, a gift card to payless, and yummy snacks in my stocking.

My mother completely spoiled us...she got us so much stuff...but best of all, she got us our champagne flutes and cake knife and server set for the wedding! They are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so thankful! xoxoxo
all from Mom
From Mom
from Mom
lol- from Mom

from Mom

O.N. from Dad, Kohl's from my sis Cindy, Payless from Chris, O.G. from Cindy, C.B. from our cousins.
Chris also got a Gamestop card from Dad and a Moes card from Mom.

My future in-laws spoiled us too. On top of taking us to the Nutcracker they got us a laminator {to preserve wedding documents}, Sonicare tooth brushes, and some really cool pie baking stuff! Love the vintage book:
From the in-laws

From my Sister Jill (the loopy thing is to hang scarves!}
adorable ornaments from my MOH and flower girl <3
Snack tower from my Sis Lori
And don't worry...the pups got spoiled too:

I think that just about does it.
All gifts aside, I'm so very thankful for the family and friends that we have and for the wonderful times we get to spend with them.
I hope that your holidays were filled with warmth, love, and friendship.

Here's to a happy 2012!

Did you miss the first 3 parts? Check them out here:
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