Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding Update

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick wedding update:

I picked up my wedding shoes and I L.O.V.E. them! They are super comfy and stable so that's such a relief....I broke my foot about a year ago and it really bothers me when I wear some shoes...so I'm happy I found the perfect shoe for me.
I know I posted a picture of them but that was off of the payless website...here's a pic:

It's January already! This means that it's time for me to send out my 'save-the-date' cards. I sent some out around Christmas {I just included them in some pakages that I shipped} I'm very excited to start sending out the rest of them! EEK!

Yesterday Chris and I had the day off together {<3} and we went to breakfast at this great diner close to us:
Seriously yummy pancakes!
After brunch we hit the mall to make payments on our wedding bands and to get my engagement ring inspected. While we were there Chris decided to suprise me by paying off the balance on my band! I'm thrilled that we now own our wedding bands!
my band, his band, my set together
Don't you just love them? I know....I'm biased lol I'm just super happy ;)

As I already stated in my Christmas Wrap Up~Part 4...My mother was generous enough to buy us our cake knife and server set as well as our champagne flutes. They are simply beautiful:

I just think that they are simple, classic, and elegant....love them...and it means so much to me that she was the one who gave them to us. I love you mom!

Well that's about all for now!

Hope you are all well ~ check back soon for my 2011 Re-cap!

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Alina said...

Wow...so exciting!Love the shoes!

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