Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Recap

Hello All!

Can you believe that it's already 2012? I can't! It came so quickly it seems. I am so very excited for the wonders that this year will bring!

2011 was a pretty great year...lots of highs mixed with fewer many great things happened over the past year.

Here's my 2011 Recap, hope you enjoy!

January ~
Happy New Year 2011!  Nothing particularly special happened this month.

February ~
~ This is the month that Chris decided we should really get married...although he popped the question 12/14/06, we had agreed to stay engaged indefinitely. Needless to say, he changed his mind {which made me over joyed}I simply cannot wait to marry my best friend!

~ 2/19/11- My dear friend Cecilia married her middle school highschool sweet heart in a private ceremony at her families home. I'm so happy for them! Although no friends were present at the event, I have a beautiful picture of the lovely couple:

~ 2/26/11- My friend Michele and I went to see Mary Popping the play at The Boston Opera House. I had given her the tickets as an early birthday was so much fun!

~3/3/11- My sister Jill's bridal shower! Unfortunately she hates having pictures taken so I don't have any from the day :(

~3/12/11- I had my karate test for green was a very tough test...but I stuck it out!

~4/3/11- My sister Jill got married! It was a beautiful day full of love:

~5/29/11- We went for our cake tasting at Gerardo's Italian Bakery and it was A-flippin-mazing! We chose the 3 flavors that we wanted and we are so excited for our friends and family to enjoy the yumminess!

~6/18/11- Jot's wedding shower:

~6/25/11- My 27th Birthday and Wedding Dress Trip to David's Bridal where I found the perfect dress:

~7/5/11- Chris' 29th birthday {someone's getting old} lol

~7/28/11- Our 10 year anniversary!

~8/3/11- We met and booked our wedding photographer thanks to M&K:

~8/13/11- Our dear friends Javad and Jot got married, what a blessed couple. You can read more about them here in my "Feeling The Love" post.

~8/20/11- Michael & Kara's Shower! So fun!

~8/21/11- My friend Tara's wedding shower:

~8/27/11- I picked up my wedding gown from David's Bridal!

~9/4/11- My friends sister had her lovely daughter, Ava Grace:

~9/16/11-9/18/11- Kara's Bachelorette Party Weekend! I wasn't able to be there the whole weekend, but it was a blast:

~9/21/11- My flower girl, Madison, turned 8:

~9/25/11- Kara {karalouisephotography} took our engagement pictures at Zorvino Winery...they are simply amazing...more than I ever could have asked for:

~10/1/11- Stacy/Keegan Wedding:

~10/8/11- Michael & Kara's Wedding! So amazing xoxo

~11/24/11- Thanksgiving Day!

~12/7/11- Boston Pops with Michele:

~12/14/11- The 5 year anniversary of our engagement....AND the birth of Shayla May {my great friend Cecilia's daughter} such a cutie pie:

~12/23/11- Second Annual Ugly Sweater Gathering:

~12/24/11-12/25/11- Christmas Eve & Christmas:
There was a lot going on, so see:

I hope 2012 is starting out wonderful for all of you, it has for me!



A Leap into Love said...

awwwww. i made it TWICE to your recap. yay!!! love you tons!

So This is Love said...

haha yup- pictures twice and mentioned 4 times lol
love you too!

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