Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up ~ Part 3

Christmas Wrap Up ~ Part 3: Family

Being Italian, Christmas Eve is our big celebration.
The day began at my mothers house.
I went over fairly early in the day since Chris had to work.
He didn't get to moms until 7pm. {bummer}

Here are some pictures: 
Mom, Me, and my sis Cindy
Me & Cindy
Me & my nephew Anthony {the goof ball}

Anthony & his girlfriend Abby
one of the gifts from mom had a dragonfly ornament attached to it!

I was disappointed with the food at moms because mom didn't cook :::insert super sad face:::: I was SO looking forward to her Christmas cooking.

Once Chris got there we all exchanged gifts and then we had to scurry out the door to get to Chris' families house for their Christmas Eve extravaganza:
Mum & Papa opening the Keurig that us 4 kids chipped in to get them.
Somehow I only managed to take one stinkin picture at the in-laws! I guess I was to busy socializing lol.
Me, Chris, Michael, and Kara all chipped in to buy the in-laws a we had them open it on Christmas Eve so we could set it up for them and give them a tutorial on how to use it. {lol}

Christmas Day came and went...we had din din with the in-laws and fam.

Monday 12/26 we headed to Rhode Island to see my sister Jill and her Husband and to exchange gifts with them:
Jill and Chris and thier 'son' Cooper
Me & Jill

That's all for Part 3!

Check back later for Christmas Wrap Up ~ Part 4: The Goods

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A Leap into Love said...

you are totally sweet. and i forgot about the mugs haha i LOVE those! i'm a mug lover. i think i have too may honestly. i need a mug cabnit. ;) btw, i know i already told you this, but thank you for having my back. love you TONS!


So This is Love said...

I have a mug obsession myself lol and I do have a mug cabinet hahahah.
You're welcome my dear, I will ALWAYS have your back!
Love you too! Xoxo

A Leap into Love said...

lol i should really look into getting one myself LOL

Alina said...

Happy New Year, sweetie!I wish you all the best in 2012!

So This is Love said...

Happy New Year to you also! I hope 2012 treats you right!

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