Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick update


Hello Lovelies!

The past few weeks have been super hectic due to the fast approaching holiday.
{which I'm VERY excited for btw}

In addition to the Christmas excitement, I've also been able to check
a few more 'to-do's' off of my wedding list.

A couple weeks ago Chris and I were at Walmart doing Christmas shopping for baking supplies...we wandered over to the Seasonal aisles and on the way by we passed the Clearance aisle...
I glanced over and I spotted a bunch of wedding stuff {so of course I HAD to look!}
Sitting right there on the shelf were 8 boxes of 'Thank You' cards (25 in each box) and they were only....
Ready for this? ......$2.50 each! SCORE!
We bought all 8 boxes so that we can use them as shower thank yous and wedding thank yous
They are a bit plane, but I'm sure I can spruce them up some how:

I also purchased the shoes that I plan to wear for the wedding. I'm so happy I happened upon them:

I know, I know...they aren't the 'typical' wedding day shoe...but I guess that I'm not a 'typical' bride.
These meet all of the requirements that I wanted for the shoe:
1) They are 5" high- I needed this height to avoid hemming my gown.
2) They are dark purple
3) They proving enough stability so the (hopefully) I won't trip on the rocks at the ceremony site.
4) They only cost me $28

In other wedding news:
Per Chris' request we will most likely be adding a color to the pallet.
The colors will now include Purple, light green (sage), and light teal/aqua

I'm looking forward to finding ways to incorporate the new color choice.

What do you think?

Hope you all have a lovely night,



Vanessa said...

I like those shoes! I wore flip flops under my dress..lol..but then again I didn't have a big wedding. I just got married in the back yard with my inlaws, mom, and siblings present. Even if I had gone all out, I probably still would have worn flip flops.

So This is Love said...

Thanks V!
I'm a huge fan of flip flops, so if my dress wasn't so long (aka if I wasn't so short lol) I'd most likely be wearing them too.
I'd love to see photos from your day, I bet you were a beautiful bride xoxo

A Leap into Love said...


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