Friday, December 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday


Hello All!

Hope your week is going well...the good news is that tomorrow is Friday :)

Today I am thankful for random weekdays off.  I had today off because I am working on Saturday for a co-worker so that she can go to her sons Mother/Son dance at his school.

I made a big dinner last night since I didn't have to worry about waking up super early today.
Check out this yummi-ness:

Stuffed Shells

Bread, Salad, and Baked Chicken
It was so good, and there are lots of leftovers because I always make too much food! Chris had 8 shells on his own and there is still a lot left.

I chose today as my swap day for Saturday because Chris has Thursdays off. It was nice to spend the day with him during the week.

We woke up early to drop his work truck off to get maintenance, then we grabbed some breakfast. After we ate we headed to Sprint to change my service over from TMobile....and Chris got me the IPhone 4s as an early Christmas gift! I'm pumped! I needed a new phone, and new service so badly.

I played around with the thing all day. It has this cool option named "Siri" and you can ask it questions and it responds to you....well...I hit the button on accident and then said to myself  'I'm an idiot', and Siri responded "If you say so". Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard.

After we got the phone swap taken care of we had to take our picture for our Christmas cards...what a production!
We are doing a funny photo with us and the dogs and it took so many attempts to get the picture the way we wanted it. {I'll load a pic once I get the cards}

So for now it's back to work tomorrow, and unfortunately on Saturday too {insert pouty face here}

I'll be starting my holiday decorating after work tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good Friday!


Vanessa said...

Sounds like me. I always make way too much. I'm sure it was good though!

A Leap into Love said...

i cant wait to get mine. michaels buying me it and i'm getting him a laptop for christmas EEEKS!

So This is Love said...

I'm glad that you're getting one! There are so many picture apps.
Michael is going to be so happy when he opens the laptop! You didn't tell him you're getting him that did you?

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