Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up- Birthday Edition

Hello fellow bloggers!

Saturday was my birthday, I turned 27, YIKES.

Saturday was such an amazing day for me. I went wedding dress shopping! My mother, best friend Ashley (MOH), and great friend Cecilia (Bridesmaid) came with me.
Before we left my house I got some awesome gifts:
Chris got me the two black and white Pandora beads
 Ashley got me this bead :)

Once gifts were done, we headed to Natick for David's Bridal. It was such a surreal experience. I told myself that I would hold it together, but there were a few times that I got emotional...I blame this on my entourage lol- If they hadn't started the crying, I think I would have been ok.

They took lots of pictures, but they haven't sent them to me yet...but I do have two 'alright' pictures of THE dress! (: It doesn't show all the detail, but you'll get the idea.

First I have to explain the story about my dress. It was the last one that I tried on, and it was the consultant that picked it out. My MOH saw the price and said "do you even want to bother trying this on?" I looked at the dress and said "I might as well, I know I'm not going t like it though"
bahahahah- Everyone, including me and everyone else in the store, loved it...BUT it was ivory...and I wanted white. Problem was that the white dress would have been a special order, which would have meant that I couldn't do layaway. I thought that I was going to have to go with my #2 pick...until another consultant walked by and said "your looking for that in white? what size?" we told her the size and she said "someone just canceled their order for that size in white"
My size, and in white? I put it on and that was that...it fit like a glove and looked amazing. I still can't believe I found my dress.
Sooo, here it is:
 horrible pic below- I was crying lol
There is so much beautiful detail on this dress, it's a shame that the pictures don't show it.

As if my Saturday couldn't get any better...Chris' boss let him come home early! We met some of my friends at a local bar and had a few drinks- it was fun.

Sunday morning we headed out to run some errands (My furry babies needed food).
Once we got back home it was time for my bday cookout that my in laws had for me. It was a great time- I love seeing my friends and family- I'm very blessed. We didn't get to bed until almost 2am.

Monday I had the day off. We (Chris and I) decided to go to the beach - FINALLY a beach day! We went to Roger Wheeler beach in RI- such a nice beach. We spent the whole day there;

It was great. The beach also happens to be 5 minutes from my uncle Joe's house, so we popped in on our way home. It was good to see him, and of course we had to stop for Dels frozen lemonade- mmmm

On our way back home we stopped for burger at Red Robin because I had a coupon for a free bday burger...yum.

Once we got home we hopped in the shower and crashed- what a weekennd. Best birthday ever (:

Well- that's all for now- off to bed, g'night!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Girl

This past Saturday was my birthday, I'm getting O L D.

The past 3 days have been so wonderful, and I promise to update tomorrow night. ...but right now I am SUPER tired.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up- A week late

Boy have i been busy!
Last weekend was good;
Saturday I went to a friends bridal shower:
It was fun...Jocelyn and Javad are such a great couple, I'm so happy for them!

Sunday was Father's Day, but mine is in FLA so I didn't get to see him.
we had a cookout upstairs for Chris' dad, it was fun.We had gotten him a new Bocce set (it's an Italian yard game) and he loved them. My FMIL gave me the task to make cupcakes for fathers day. I woke up super early to get them started, plus I had to make breakfast for my love.
The cupcakes came out pretty good. It was my first time making a butter cream frosting. I made a lemon butter cream, and a cherry butter cream. They were tasty;

Not too shabby considering this was #1: my first butter cream, and #2: my first time piping frosting...and let me tell ya, I will NEVER do this EVER again unless I have the proper supplies to do it with. What a damn mess it was, because I had cheap tips and didn't have frosting bags.
Everyone seemed to like 'em, so I guess that they were a success.

Monday through Today was a nightmare at work...but I don't even want to get into that lol
Today did have it's good points, though. When I first got to work there was a gift on my desk from my boss. It was a vera bradley note set- so pretty, and inside there was a note thanking my for my hard work. (I'd upload pics but my phone is being stupid)
Later in the day, all the ladies suprised me with a card and a cake, not just any cake, a cake from Gerardo's bakery (where i'm getting the wedding cake). I have the best co-workers!

Well that's all for now...big day tomorrow- going to look for a wedding dress!
Oh yeah, and it's my birthday ;)

Good Night!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too Tired

I hope that everyone had a lovely Father's Day weekend. I'm way too tired to blog right now, so I'll do a weekend wrap up tomorrow.

Good night!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giving Back?

Today I woke up in a really good mood. I had slept great for a change, and was up and ready ahead of time.
I decided to be nice and stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and some munchkins for the ladies at my office. I knew that a snack would cheer everyone up.
When I got to Dunkins I decided that I wanted a bagel for myself...I went to walk inside and there was a man standing near the door. As I passed him, he softly asked "do you have any spare change miss?" I simply said "sorry, I don't carry cash" (which is true, I just don't carry it) and he said "well, god bless".
Now, I typically don't give to beggars for the single fact that 99% of them are full of bull, they just want to buy drugs or booze, or the pan handle for a living. This time though, I felt generous and had that lingering notion "WHAT IF he really is poor and hungry?". I finally got to the counter and ordered my ice coffee (a real treat, I don't typically buy coffee anymore), I ordered the 25 munchkins for the ladies at work, and then I ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese.
On my way out I stopped in front of the beggar and handed him one of the bagels. I said : "would you like a bagel with cream cheese?", the man took it and thanked me......and then......that A-Hole had the nerve to ask me if I could give him some change!
I felt like ripping that damn bagel out of his hands! I said 'no, i don't, i just gave you food' and he stuffed the bagel into his pocket. WHAT THE HELL?! This is why I pass beggars by, and why I only donate clothing. I was so dissapointed with, with, with humanity I suppose. It just saddened me that the fact that I took a second out of my day (and a couple bucks) to help a stranger, and it was completely unapreciated! Grrr.
Am I wrong?

At least my co-workers appreciated the munchkins!
My day was pretty good after that. The day only had a few hickups. The best part of my day was making my appointment for David's Bridal!
Saturday 6/25 is my birthday, and that's what I'm doing that day! I can't wait. All my bffs will be there, along with my Mom, and hopefully my big sis. I invited Mum (FMIL) but she has plans that day and told me to just take pictures.

In either case, I'm super excited.
I'm also super exhausted at the moment, so I'm off to bed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Slowly, But Surely

We officially have a reception hall! Hooray!
We are so thankful to Elio and Mary for booking the Knights of Columbus for us on Sunday.
Unfortunately, Chris wasn't feeling well so he didn't come with, but it was me, Mom, Papa, and Mum..so it was nice. Such a weight off of my shoulders to know that it's taken care of.
I can totally envision it the way that I want to decorate...can't wait!
Here's a couple shots of the inside:

this is the view out back

I'm also VERY excited because I'm pretty sure that I've found our photographer (Thanks to Miss Kara Hodge!) Although I think that Chris and I still want Kara to do our engagement pics...We'll see (:

I also figured out what I want for my centerpieces...Kara, I took your idea (kinda) and ran with it.
Take a look:

There are changes to be made for the final product, such as; The floating candles will be the full width of the opening, and they will be white, and the votive candles will be white. They will also be on top of mirrors.

So that's about all for now, slowly, but surely getting stuff done!
Back to work for me tomorrow...boo :(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy,But Good

Boy was today a long one! I had to fast for 13 hours last night into this morning to have bloodwork drawn, so I got up at 8:30 and was out the door by 9:30. I went and had the labs, then went to CVS to pick up my RX, and after that I headed over to my dads place.
By the time I got there it was 11:00 and I was H U N G R Y. I took him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (we celebrated Father's Day today since he'll be away that day). After a yummy breakfast I took him to Old Navy to get him a couple new items that he can take on his trip to FL next week.
I dropped him off and he surprised me with some old photos <3
Once I left dads, I headed to moms. I spent some nice time chit-chatting with her...that's my fave (:
On my way home I had to stop at the hardware store...FINALLY I got home!
I got busy cleaning, and then Kara texted me to come see her centerpieces, LOVE EM. I was happy that she called me up because we were able to get a lot of stuff ordered for her wedding. I love helping out.
Around 11:00 Chris finally got home and I cooked for him...now, needless to say, I'm SO ready for bed!
Big day tomorrow~ Going to book the hall! HOORAY!
Good night

Friday, June 10, 2011

3 day weekend? Heck Yes!

So, this week was a little rough at work. We are starting all sorts of new procedures, so it's not exactly easy getting everyone on the same page :o/
I had my physical yesterday...it went OK. I'm not really thrilled with my options for pregnancy prevention. I was hoping to get the mirena IUD, but b/c of my age, and b/c I don't have any children they won't give it to me. I guess that there is a risk that they can tear through the uterine wall while putting the IUD in place...so obviously that means that I would lose my fertility...so that's no-go.
I'm bummed about that.
Right now I'm pretty hungry/thirsty because I have to fast for 12 hours to go to have labs drawn in the morning. Fingers crossed that everything is alright.
I'm very happy that my doctor prescribed me some lorazepam for when I have anxiety issues. I've been getting anxious with some of the planning, so it's going to be nice to have something that I can take only when I need it. I do NOT like taking a med every day, and lucky for me my doc knows that.

I'm SUPER excited that on Sunday we are going to book the hall! I can't wait! I'll take pics.

I'm also very happy that I have Monday off, I get to spend Sunday AND Monday with Chris <3

I leave you with this...so happy my hair is growing, but it's got a long way to go!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello There!
Friday was prety low key. I work really hard at work, then stopped at the grocery store for stuff for dinner. I got home and threw some yummy boneless ribs into the crock pot, and then headed outside to start working on the garden.
THE GARDEN! What a project!
Saturday I woke up early and started working on the garden around 10am....and I worked my arse off! I was out there until 5pm! Those poor plants in that bed have been neglected for a few years...it's in desperate need of fresh loom/soil and mulch. (pic below is not before, and not after, it's in between)

I got my workout for sure on Saturday. I felt accomplished (even though it's not done yet). My FIL wants to do some stuff to it before anything else gets planted.
In between the garden project, I was able to put 2 boxes in the attic and armor-all the inside of my car- my nephew even stopped by to say hi to me! (:
After all that I was in need of a hot shower. There's nothing better than working hard and then taking a steamy shower.
I was pretty pooped but Ashley (MOH) was interested in heading to the Christmas tree shoppe- so off we went. It was a good day.
Sunday is my day with the love of my life. We went to breakfast as usual and hit a few stores. We stopped in at mr. tux and discussed suit options for the wedding, we also popped into things remembered to look at some stuff for the wedding. I love when we get to do stuff like that.
It was funny...Sunday almost felt like when Chris and I started dating...it almost felt new again. I love him more than words an express.
Well I hope everyone has a good week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Off to see the Wizard

So on Wednesday there was a rare occurrence in Mass...we had multiple tornado's in the Worcester County area.  So, so, so frightening. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost their homes or loved ones due to this insanity.
Here's a video that someone took from the twister in Springfield...

I was at work, and because we are "emergency services" I had to stay late. I called everyone to check on them (go ahead,laugh) I called Chris, Mom, Dad, I tried to get a hold of the in-laws but they didn't answer. I never want to have that feeling of panic and worry again!

I suppose that it puts things into perspective...I've always been thankful for my family and friends, but when something scary happens it makes you realize it even more.

Tell your loved ones that you love them, tell them often, because thinking that it's 'implied' or already known isn't enough...you should say it.
Onto other ramblings;

I was upstairs delivering laundry tonight and Mum and Nancy started talking about the showers...I'm getting super excited! Not just for mine and Chris', but for Kara and Michaels' too. I can't wait to be a part of thier special event (:

Well, I need to finish up laundry (couldn't do it last night b/c of all the lightening) then heading to bed with happy thoughts in my head.

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