Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up- Birthday Edition

Hello fellow bloggers!

Saturday was my birthday, I turned 27, YIKES.

Saturday was such an amazing day for me. I went wedding dress shopping! My mother, best friend Ashley (MOH), and great friend Cecilia (Bridesmaid) came with me.
Before we left my house I got some awesome gifts:
Chris got me the two black and white Pandora beads
 Ashley got me this bead :)

Once gifts were done, we headed to Natick for David's Bridal. It was such a surreal experience. I told myself that I would hold it together, but there were a few times that I got emotional...I blame this on my entourage lol- If they hadn't started the crying, I think I would have been ok.

They took lots of pictures, but they haven't sent them to me yet...but I do have two 'alright' pictures of THE dress! (: It doesn't show all the detail, but you'll get the idea.

First I have to explain the story about my dress. It was the last one that I tried on, and it was the consultant that picked it out. My MOH saw the price and said "do you even want to bother trying this on?" I looked at the dress and said "I might as well, I know I'm not going t like it though"
bahahahah- Everyone, including me and everyone else in the store, loved it...BUT it was ivory...and I wanted white. Problem was that the white dress would have been a special order, which would have meant that I couldn't do layaway. I thought that I was going to have to go with my #2 pick...until another consultant walked by and said "your looking for that in white? what size?" we told her the size and she said "someone just canceled their order for that size in white"
My size, and in white? I put it on and that was that...it fit like a glove and looked amazing. I still can't believe I found my dress.
Sooo, here it is:
 horrible pic below- I was crying lol
There is so much beautiful detail on this dress, it's a shame that the pictures don't show it.

As if my Saturday couldn't get any better...Chris' boss let him come home early! We met some of my friends at a local bar and had a few drinks- it was fun.

Sunday morning we headed out to run some errands (My furry babies needed food).
Once we got back home it was time for my bday cookout that my in laws had for me. It was a great time- I love seeing my friends and family- I'm very blessed. We didn't get to bed until almost 2am.

Monday I had the day off. We (Chris and I) decided to go to the beach - FINALLY a beach day! We went to Roger Wheeler beach in RI- such a nice beach. We spent the whole day there;

It was great. The beach also happens to be 5 minutes from my uncle Joe's house, so we popped in on our way home. It was good to see him, and of course we had to stop for Dels frozen lemonade- mmmm

On our way back home we stopped for burger at Red Robin because I had a coupon for a free bday burger...yum.

Once we got home we hopped in the shower and crashed- what a weekennd. Best birthday ever (:

Well- that's all for now- off to bed, g'night!

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