Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giving Back?

Today I woke up in a really good mood. I had slept great for a change, and was up and ready ahead of time.
I decided to be nice and stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and some munchkins for the ladies at my office. I knew that a snack would cheer everyone up.
When I got to Dunkins I decided that I wanted a bagel for myself...I went to walk inside and there was a man standing near the door. As I passed him, he softly asked "do you have any spare change miss?" I simply said "sorry, I don't carry cash" (which is true, I just don't carry it) and he said "well, god bless".
Now, I typically don't give to beggars for the single fact that 99% of them are full of bull, they just want to buy drugs or booze, or the pan handle for a living. This time though, I felt generous and had that lingering notion "WHAT IF he really is poor and hungry?". I finally got to the counter and ordered my ice coffee (a real treat, I don't typically buy coffee anymore), I ordered the 25 munchkins for the ladies at work, and then I ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese.
On my way out I stopped in front of the beggar and handed him one of the bagels. I said : "would you like a bagel with cream cheese?", the man took it and thanked me......and then......that A-Hole had the nerve to ask me if I could give him some change!
I felt like ripping that damn bagel out of his hands! I said 'no, i don't, i just gave you food' and he stuffed the bagel into his pocket. WHAT THE HELL?! This is why I pass beggars by, and why I only donate clothing. I was so dissapointed with, with, with humanity I suppose. It just saddened me that the fact that I took a second out of my day (and a couple bucks) to help a stranger, and it was completely unapreciated! Grrr.
Am I wrong?

At least my co-workers appreciated the munchkins!
My day was pretty good after that. The day only had a few hickups. The best part of my day was making my appointment for David's Bridal!
Saturday 6/25 is my birthday, and that's what I'm doing that day! I can't wait. All my bffs will be there, along with my Mom, and hopefully my big sis. I invited Mum (FMIL) but she has plans that day and told me to just take pictures.

In either case, I'm super excited.
I'm also super exhausted at the moment, so I'm off to bed.

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