Monday, June 13, 2011

Slowly, But Surely

We officially have a reception hall! Hooray!
We are so thankful to Elio and Mary for booking the Knights of Columbus for us on Sunday.
Unfortunately, Chris wasn't feeling well so he didn't come with, but it was me, Mom, Papa, and it was nice. Such a weight off of my shoulders to know that it's taken care of.
I can totally envision it the way that I want to decorate...can't wait!
Here's a couple shots of the inside:

this is the view out back

I'm also VERY excited because I'm pretty sure that I've found our photographer (Thanks to Miss Kara Hodge!) Although I think that Chris and I still want Kara to do our engagement pics...We'll see (:

I also figured out what I want for my centerpieces...Kara, I took your idea (kinda) and ran with it.
Take a look:

There are changes to be made for the final product, such as; The floating candles will be the full width of the opening, and they will be white, and the votive candles will be white. They will also be on top of mirrors.

So that's about all for now, slowly, but surely getting stuff done!
Back to work for me :(


A Leap into Love said...

i love it all my dear. i cant wait! i'm excited that we both are going to be married women. then mayyyyybe we could be prego together???!!! i bet we will be. you getting married just shows chris has a softy soft side haha.

the centerpieces look great. you might as well take advantage of the stuff mom is getting, i would. the mirrors will help make that look great too!! ;)

& it's totally up to you. because we can go to paxton or the old stone church it's up to you. & if you want sue to do it she will do a much much better job, but i'll do whatever you want my dear!!!!

so this is l0ve said...

Aw thanks hun! I'm super excite for us too- It's crazy that it's happening, and yours is so close!
Lol, I have a feeling that you'll be preggers before my wedding even comes lol
Thank you! Sorry I stole your idea a bit lol
I'm def gonna use the left over mirrors,they will help reflect the light, and my mom is buying the rest of the stuff for centerpieces.
I still love your centerpieces though, I just had to find a way to make mine dif so that it wasn't a direct rip of hahaha.
Susan is great, she said that she'll charge $875 for 6hrs, or $925 for 7 hours.
I'm pretty sure that we still want you for the engagement photos, I think it would make it more special for us. :)

A Leap into Love said...

Oh yay! Well ill do it like I do everyone. Take the pictures, edit them & put them on a cd for your free rain of doing what you will. :D xoxo I hope so about the preggors part but we'll see haha not tryna count my chickens before they hatch,though its my horrible habit ;) love you

sothisisl0ve said...

Yay! I can't wait to do them. Just let me know when is good for you- you're the busy one lol.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you about the preg. ;)
Love you too!

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