Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy,But Good

Boy was today a long one! I had to fast for 13 hours last night into this morning to have bloodwork drawn, so I got up at 8:30 and was out the door by 9:30. I went and had the labs, then went to CVS to pick up my RX, and after that I headed over to my dads place.
By the time I got there it was 11:00 and I was H U N G R Y. I took him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (we celebrated Father's Day today since he'll be away that day). After a yummy breakfast I took him to Old Navy to get him a couple new items that he can take on his trip to FL next week.
I dropped him off and he surprised me with some old photos <3
Once I left dads, I headed to moms. I spent some nice time chit-chatting with her...that's my fave (:
On my way home I had to stop at the hardware store...FINALLY I got home!
I got busy cleaning, and then Kara texted me to come see her centerpieces, LOVE EM. I was happy that she called me up because we were able to get a lot of stuff ordered for her wedding. I love helping out.
Around 11:00 Chris finally got home and I cooked for, needless to say, I'm SO ready for bed!
Big day tomorrow~ Going to book the hall! HOORAY!
Good night


A Leap into Love said...

aww. i totally forgot about your blog. i had to catch myself up. i'm jealous about your jewlrey. i want to make my girls them now too haha. i dont know what i'm gonna do though. i'll figure it out ;)

love you & thanks for all the help yesterday i cant WAIT. to pick up everything!!!

ps dj info is:Festive Events,Inc. 508-746-9669
& for four hours they are priced at 1400 if you book with them right when you sit down with them they bring it down to 1100. for 5 hours its 1500 book with them at sit down it goes down to 1250.00 then he has this whole paper that i can show you this week or something on other prices. but you have to also remember we didnt pay nothing near what is on his pamphlet because we know his assistant dan and so he pretty much cut the cost in half. you'll just have to throw in there you know us, and we'll tell him about you as well. maybe he can work out the same deal :D because we ARE giving him more business lol.

the photographer is priced at 850.00 you have to talk with her and discuss everything you would need from her but she has seriously got one of the best personalities to go along with her photography talents that any client could DREAM for!! we felt very relaxed with her! because i know the dr. who told me about her we got a deal. we did tell her about you guys & so you'll just have to talk with her. she's wicked nice. if you go on my website and click on her facebook page!/pages/wwwportraitsbysuebraycom/285024566353 i believe you can get all the details from her that way. she wont discuss them all over the phone she'll do it via mail as to not put you on the spot (love you for that ) anyway you should totally give her a call. she doesnt take any money down but is very loyal to her clients. i cant wait till our wedding!!! let me know if you need ANY more help.

photog info is:

Vic said...

Thanks- I worked real hard on the jewelry, still have lots to do though.
You'll find something that works perfect for your day (:
Love you too! I'll help anyway that I can.
Thank you soooo much for the info! That's all next in line to be taken care of.
PS: I figured out my centerpieces! Yay!
Love you!

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