Friday, June 10, 2011

3 day weekend? Heck Yes!

So, this week was a little rough at work. We are starting all sorts of new procedures, so it's not exactly easy getting everyone on the same page :o/
I had my physical went OK. I'm not really thrilled with my options for pregnancy prevention. I was hoping to get the mirena IUD, but b/c of my age, and b/c I don't have any children they won't give it to me. I guess that there is a risk that they can tear through the uterine wall while putting the IUD in obviously that means that I would lose my that's no-go.
I'm bummed about that.
Right now I'm pretty hungry/thirsty because I have to fast for 12 hours to go to have labs drawn in the morning. Fingers crossed that everything is alright.
I'm very happy that my doctor prescribed me some lorazepam for when I have anxiety issues. I've been getting anxious with some of the planning, so it's going to be nice to have something that I can take only when I need it. I do NOT like taking a med every day, and lucky for me my doc knows that.

I'm SUPER excited that on Sunday we are going to book the hall! I can't wait! I'll take pics.

I'm also very happy that I have Monday off, I get to spend Sunday AND Monday with Chris <3

I leave you with happy my hair is growing, but it's got a long way to go!

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