Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello There!
Friday was prety low key. I work really hard at work, then stopped at the grocery store for stuff for dinner. I got home and threw some yummy boneless ribs into the crock pot, and then headed outside to start working on the garden.
THE GARDEN! What a project!
Saturday I woke up early and started working on the garden around 10am....and I worked my arse off! I was out there until 5pm! Those poor plants in that bed have been neglected for a few's in desperate need of fresh loom/soil and mulch. (pic below is not before, and not after, it's in between)

I got my workout for sure on Saturday. I felt accomplished (even though it's not done yet). My FIL wants to do some stuff to it before anything else gets planted.
In between the garden project, I was able to put 2 boxes in the attic and armor-all the inside of my car- my nephew even stopped by to say hi to me! (:
After all that I was in need of a hot shower. There's nothing better than working hard and then taking a steamy shower.
I was pretty pooped but Ashley (MOH) was interested in heading to the Christmas tree shoppe- so off we went. It was a good day.
Sunday is my day with the love of my life. We went to breakfast as usual and hit a few stores. We stopped in at mr. tux and discussed suit options for the wedding, we also popped into things remembered to look at some stuff for the wedding. I love when we get to do stuff like that.
It was funny...Sunday almost felt like when Chris and I started almost felt new again. I love him more than words an express.
Well I hope everyone has a good week!

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