Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up- A week late

Boy have i been busy!
Last weekend was good;
Saturday I went to a friends bridal shower:
It was fun...Jocelyn and Javad are such a great couple, I'm so happy for them!

Sunday was Father's Day, but mine is in FLA so I didn't get to see him.
we had a cookout upstairs for Chris' dad, it was fun.We had gotten him a new Bocce set (it's an Italian yard game) and he loved them. My FMIL gave me the task to make cupcakes for fathers day. I woke up super early to get them started, plus I had to make breakfast for my love.
The cupcakes came out pretty good. It was my first time making a butter cream frosting. I made a lemon butter cream, and a cherry butter cream. They were tasty;

Not too shabby considering this was #1: my first butter cream, and #2: my first time piping frosting...and let me tell ya, I will NEVER do this EVER again unless I have the proper supplies to do it with. What a damn mess it was, because I had cheap tips and didn't have frosting bags.
Everyone seemed to like 'em, so I guess that they were a success.

Monday through Today was a nightmare at work...but I don't even want to get into that lol
Today did have it's good points, though. When I first got to work there was a gift on my desk from my boss. It was a vera bradley note set- so pretty, and inside there was a note thanking my for my hard work. (I'd upload pics but my phone is being stupid)
Later in the day, all the ladies suprised me with a card and a cake, not just any cake, a cake from Gerardo's bakery (where i'm getting the wedding cake). I have the best co-workers!

Well that's all for now...big day tomorrow- going to look for a wedding dress!
Oh yeah, and it's my birthday ;)

Good Night!


A Leap into Love said...

yup those cupcakes WERE delish ;) love you

So This is L0ve said...

Ty! I'm glad they weren't gross lol That's always my fear when I make something new. Love you too!

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