Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day February - Day 1

Hello all!

I've decided to try and push myself to blog more....therefore, to ease my way back into it I'm going to do the February Photo-A-Day Challenge.....but not the one everyone else is doing....I'm going to do January's P-A-D-C but in February. 'Why?" You ask, because I feel like it ;)

So here's the list:

I've decided to cross out 2 of the days since February is only 29 days...
I chose to disregard #4-Letterbox, because it refers to a photographic technique that I do not know how to do: About Letterbox Technique
I also chose to get rid of #16-Morning, because it's included in this first post.

Ok, here we go!
 Day One: You (Me)-
on the left is me when I wake up in the morning, and on the right is after I've beautified...
what a difference some makeup can do lol

That's all for tonight. Check back tomorrow for Day 2- Breakfast

Good night!

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