Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making Memories

I had an amazing weekend.

Saturday I was able to get a ton of running around done, as well as buy yummy goodies for our Sunday adventure.

Sunday Chris and I headed to a winery in NH (http://www.zorvino.com/) with Michael and Kara.
Kara was nice enough to take our engagement photos {WHICH CAME OUT AMAZING!}
We took the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting and have a picnic, you know...quality family time (:
The winery was beautiful, and they even had bocce courts set up- so we had to play a game lol

It was such a great day full of love...love that Chris and I have for each other...Michael and Kara's love...and the love we all share as family.

There was also a wedding at the winery that day, so we tried to stay out of the way until they headed inside for the reception.

Speaking of weddings; M&K's is RIGHT around the corner, just 11 days away! So excited for them <3

Here's a few shot's from Sunday:

M&K <3

~Me and Kara~

yummy goodies

As you can see- it's was a great day.

I hope everyone has a good week!

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