Friday, May 20, 2011

Tomorrow is Saturday

I'm so happy that this week is over, it was like a war zone at work! This week did have some good points though.
Chris and I had dinner with Michael and Kara last night, we had a great time. It makes us realize how much we have in common and we need to have 'get-togethers' more often.
Also last night Michael agreed to be in our wedding, so we're very happy, it means a lot to us :)

Tonight I  have lots of cleaning to get done (if I can pull myself away from Say Yes to the Dress) hahaha

Tomorrow I'll be getting up early and heading to my mommas to finish up the jewelry for the wedding (hopefully all of it!)
Then tomorrow night I'll be going to my flower girls dance recital!

Well that's about all for now-c'ya later!

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