Monday, May 30, 2011

Workin' on the Weekend

Today is Memorial Day~ firstly I want to say "Thank You" to our troops for being so selfless :)

On to my ramblings~

Friday was beautiful out, however I was trapped at work so I wasn't able to enjoy it...
Saturday was splendid outside! I woke up in the morning, kissed my love before he went to work, then jumped in the shower.  I headed over to Moms house to pick her up- we were supposed to go to Christmas Tree Shop to look for bridal shower stuff.  When I got to Moms she was running late (This is a serious pet peeve of mine) but then I got a call from Michele that she was also running late..grrrr.

Mom was finally ready so we headed to pick Michele up...who was NOT ready yet...I'm surrounded by procrastination! It's ok though, because once we were on our way we had fun.  I was disappointed with the CTS for stuff for my shower...BUT there was a TON of ideas for Kara's shower! I took a bunch of pictures to show Mum.  After CTS we were super hungry so we stopped at a little sandwich shop before I dropped everyone off.
After dropping them off, it was time to head to my Sensei's house for volleyball. It was a good time~ I got to know his new g/f and she's a super nice, cool chick. I got home around 9ish and all of a sudden...WHAM!... I got hit with a killer migraine! It made me sick to my stomach :( Luckily Chris got home shortly after and made sure I was alright.

Sunday was a very exciting day! We went for our first (and last) official cake tasting! We got such an amazing deal on this friggin cake, and it tastes SOOOOOO good! Better than the original place that we wanted, and thank god because that place was charging over $800! That's INSANE!
We are going with Gerardo's Italian Bakery...I HIGHLY recommend it- such good prices and such amazingly yummy cakes! On top of being really reasonable with the price, they also include a top tier replica cake for your one year anniversary for FREE (so that you don't have to freeze the top tier) I <3 the bakery.
I'm so glad that Mom came with Chris and I to the tasting, I just wish that my sister could have gone.

When we got home we brought the leftover cake samples (b/c they were huge) upstairs so Mum could try them, she loved them.

Later on Chris and I decided to take a ride on the motorcycle since it was so nice out...when we got back from our ride, Papa was home and invited us up for some burgers, so we let him try the cakes too- he was happy with them.

As for today, I'm working 3-11pm :( then I have to be here at 9:30am- ugh Oh well - it's good money, and I'm super duper broke!

PS: Remeber a few posts back when I said I'd post some pics? Here they are...
This is the Jewelry I made for me (for the wedding)

These neckalces are for my flower girls

Love the hearts that I put on there :)

This is the bracelet for me

The earring I made for my bridesmaids


Cookie cutters for the showers

Nighty Night!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your jewelry is very nice.

Victoria said...

Well thank you very much. If I knew who you were maybe I could make something custom if you're interested...

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