Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It’s Wednesday, and I Can Rant if I Want to…

The past couple of days I have been super duper cranky for some unknown reason.
Everything is irritating me.
Maybe it’s because the full moon is next month? Who knows…

In either case, I’m going to list my pet peeves just to get it out of my system lol. I apologize in advance, and I promise I’ll be back to my normal self for tomorrows post.

Pet Peeves:

~An alarm clock that continues to go off without being 1)snoozed, or 2)turned off.
                   My mother used to do this all the time- and Chris is now guilty of this.

~An unanswered phone. If it’s your cell phone and you don’t feel like answering it SILENCE IT. No one wants to hear your terrible ring tone for 2 full minutes. If it’s a regular phone in a work place, answer the damn thing! It’s your job!

~Constantly sniffling. This bugs me to no end…If your nose is runny, please blow it! Don’t just stand there hour after hour sniffling. I work with a woman that does this every day. I reached my limit yesterday and finally said “did you run out of tissues? Do you need a new box?” I think she got the hint…sheesh.

~Talking so loudly on the phone as if there is no one else around you / Yelling in the office as if it’s only your office and others aren’t trying to work.

~Chewing so loud that I can hear it.

~Talking with your mouth full of food / Chewing with your mouth open. (I think most people would agree with me on this)

~Asking the same questions every single day….sometimes multiple times a day. It’s really not that hard to commit something to memory, or write yourself a note to remind yourself.

~People getting paid more than me to do less than half of what I do. (Self explanatory)

Well, I feel better…I sound like an ass, but I feel better.


Anyone share any of these pet peeves? How about your peeves?

I hope that everyone has a good day.

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