Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday


Hello Lovelies~

Today TT Post is not profound or deep in any way...

Today I am thankful that I have a date to go see Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1!

It's true...I'm a Twilight fan...I resisted the Twi-madness for so long. Eventually I decided to read the books because so many people said that they were good.

I bought the first book with skepticism and ended up finishing it within a week! I ended up reading all four books within a month and a half.

Of course once I finished the books I felt the need to see the movies also.

So needless to say, I'm super excited to see T:BDP1....Problem was that none of my girlfriends like Twilight.....except for the lovely miss Kara that is!
Kara and her friend Jess are being kind enough to let me join them when they go to the movies next week- YAY!

That's all for tonight~ Hope everyone has a happy Friday tomorrow.



A Leap into Love said...

eeeks. cant wait lover. it's gonna be FUN!

So This is Love said...

I know! We'll have a good time. Thanks again for letting me invite myself lol.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love that beautiful!

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