Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up


I hope that everyone had a great weekend...mine was pretty busy.

Friday Chris got home super early, so it was nice to spend the night hanging out for a change.

Saturday I went to my moms and made some jewelry for a craft show that's coming up.
An added bonus was that I got to see my handsome nephew:

Mom and I also headed out to The Christmas Tree Shop to browse. I love that place, you can find some great stuff.....for instance, you could find your WEDDING CENTERPIECES!

Yup! That's right folks, we now have our centerpieces and I'm SO excited!

Only $7.99 + 20% off!
 What do you think? I love them- I wasn't even looking for centerpieces...they just popped out at me.

We also found our flower girl baskets~ I'm going to spruce them up in a creative way, but I'm leaving them the natural wood color. I love the look of unpainted wood.
only $3!
After our successful voyage we were pretty hungry ~ so we stopped and picked up some Chinese food (YUM!)

Sunday was great ~ It was my friend Cecilia's baby shower. I'm so excited to meet that little girl once she arrives! She's due December 22....I'm convinced that she'll be a Christmas baby though.
The Parents-to-be

Me with my Girls
I'm so happy for them! 

Monday was back to the grind at work.

How was everyone elses weekend?
I hope it was great!



A Leap into Love said...

oh my goodness vic, i LOVE them! i'm so excited for your wedding i could pee :D cant wait to see how everything comes together that day and i know it will be sooo beautiful because you are very creative and have a good eye with things.

love you tons. xoxoxo

Brooke said...

Those flower girl baskets are super cute! Can't wait to see what they are all prettied up!

So This is Love said...

@ Kara~ Yay! I'm glad you like 'em- I'm super excited. Love you too sweet cheeks! xoxoxo

@ Brooke~ Thanks so much, I can't wait to get creative with them :)

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