Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello All!

Can you believe that Monday is already over?

How was every one's weekend? Do anything exciting?

I ran errands with my Mom all day on Saturday and we had a great time browsing in stores.
We went to Target to look around and I found an amazing pea coat, a cute purple dress, and a purple sweater.
I found some cool Christmas tins to use for gift baskets too.

On Sunday after breakfast I went to the mall to make a payment on our wedding bands....so you know I had to poke into Forever 21 to see if anything was on sale. I found a cute red belted dress for just $13! I also picked up two new pairs of dressy leggings (one black, one purple).

{Purple Dress & Pea coat: Target}{Red Dress: Forever 21}
{Mom bought Chris the Yoda ornament, and I got him R2D2}
hmmm, what else? Oh!
All weekend this song has been in my head~It's beautiful.

Well I suppose that's all for now. I'm super excited for tomorrow after work- I'm going with a bunch of lovely ladies to see Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1! Yippee! {Is it sad that I'm this excited?} Probably! But I don't care lol.

Good night!

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